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Porto Heli is one of the most famous and luxurious holiday destinations in Greece, as this cosmopolitan spot in the Peloponnese offers beautiful beaches and a breathtaking Mediterranean landscape, attracting the wealthiest of visitors each summer.It is located on the “Greek Riviera” on the north-eastern Peloponnese coast, which is a three-hour ferry ride from Athens, or 25 minutes by helicopter.The wonderful area is surrounded by protected coves and bays on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean and the region is renowned for drawing in large crowds of wealthy Greek families, whose million-dollar villas can be seen all over town. From royals, elite athletes and actors to shipping magnates and entrepreneurs, you are bound to bump into plenty of rich and famous people everywhere you turn.And it’s not only local Greeks who love Porto Heli, as every summer discerning international visitors also book getaways to Porto Heli, the “Southamptons of Greece,” as Vanity Fair called it. Here you will find Aman Zoe, the most expensive hotel in Greece and entire Europe, not to mention the palatial villas that are worth dozens of millions of euros.From fine dining to boutique stores and beach bars, there is something here for everybody and the beaches themselves, especially Ververonta with its clear water, Hinitsa with its golden sand and pine trees and Kounoupi, which is an extension of Agios Emilianos, are always packed with people of all ages.Porto Heli’s fine little harbour is well protected from the wind and is a favourite for yachtsmen. Across the water are the ruins of the ancient city of Alieon, the almost enclosed bay includes a big marina facility that is a must-visit spot for famous visitors and their yachts.From rich history to fun family activities and a buzzing nightlife, this destination is breathtaking and definitely worth a visit when you are in this part of the world.